Key Elements of Small Groups

Fellowship: Being in relationship with fellow believers is how God designed us.  We were not meant to live this life on our own.  Small Groups encourage an environment where Believers can share how God is moving in their life, what needs and struggles they are having, know others on deeper levels.  All of this happens during the small group’s regular times and outside at various events.

Relevant and Practical Biblical Study: Each groups studies Scripture and applies it to everyday circumstances so members increasingly think and act “biblically” in all of life. This activity primarily involves the systematic exploration and explanation of God’s truth in the context of teaching and open discussion.

Outreach: The informal and personal atmosphere of small groups makes it an ideal opportunity to invite non-believers to see for themselves what being part of a church family is like.

Tuesday Nights

Hosted by: Dave Oligee
Contact: 406-360-0159