Our vision for our men’s ministry is to draw the men of this church together so that we are not just seeing each other on Wednesday night but to actually do life together. This is not just a bunch of guys in a club but a chance to disciple the men that are here, thru doing what we all love to do . Steel sharpens steel…… So not only will we be learning how to be better men of Christ but as part of that ……. We will also become better husbands , fathers, businessmen or as Christ said,” we will be light in darkness”! To this Lost world.

Not only is our men’s ministry about discipleship but it’s also about evangelism. The last thing Christ told the disciples before He ascended into to heaven was to GO! Our men’s ministry will give us the opportunity to be a witness to the lost . To show them that we love Jesus and how He has changed our lives with the overall goal of winning the lost to The Lord!

Our goal is not to become an exclusive club, as I said before but a tight knit inclusive group of men who want to bring in the all of the sportsmen in the valley! To show them that what the secular world says about Christians is wrong. We like to Hunt,  hike, catch fish, shoot guns and bows !  So we’ll use these activities to evangelize.

Upcoming Men’s Events

Men’s Breakfast – 8:28 @ Stevi Cafe Stevensville – Every First Sunday!